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Using Swisscard Login, the Client obtains access to specific offers from Swisscard AECS GmbH (hereinafter "Issuer"). The range of offers accessible via Swisscard Login can be expanded or restricted by the Issuer. Access to offers can be made dependent on use of Swisscard Login.

The User acknowledges that login to Swisscard Login enables access to the Issuer's offers and use of these offers in the name of and for the account of the Client. Depending on the nature and scope of an offer, login to Swisscard Login may therefore enable, e.g., access to the Client's current and historical transaction data and other data, change of client data, confirmation of transactions, performance of card transactions, processing of loyalty programs including redeeming points and other actions. Anyone who logs in to Swisscard Login shall be considered by the Issuer to be an authorized person for use of Swisscard Login and the related offers, and all actions relating to an offer undertaken after login to Swisscard Login shall be considered as approved by the Client. The Client acknowledges that unauthorized access to Swisscard Login also enables abuse of the related offers. The Client shall thus comply with the duties of care pursuant to Section 4. These duties apply particularly with regard to the user name and password, the Client's computer and mobile device used by the Client for Swisscard Login, as well as communication of changes in the information used for registration.

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